Add additional authentication methods to a Microsoft 365 Work account


How do I add additional Authentication methods to my Microsoft 365 Work Account?


  • Microsoft 365 work account
  • Mobile phone with Microsoft Authenticator app installed
  • Mobile number
  • Alternate email address


Step 1

Open a web browser and visit and login with your Microsoft 365 details.

Step 2

Click your initials (or Microsoft 365 profile picture) top right of the browser window and click "View account"

Step 3

Click "Update info" on the "Security info" tile

Step 4

Click "Add sign-in method"

Step 5

Choose the appropriate authentication method ("Authenticator app" highly recommended)

Step 6

Add as many authentication methods as necessary.  Not too many as this offers more opportunities for a potential hacker to exploit but at least two is recommended so that if one method is not possible then then other can be used.  Possibly even to reset the other method.

Step 7

Set the default authentication method, by clicking the "Change" link shown in the screen shot below, to the most secure method available ("App based authentication - notification" highly recommended).