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Our Managed IT Services

Managed solutions for all your IT requirements

We provide a complete range of enterprise-level information technology (IT) services and support to small and medium-sized organisations throughout London and the Southeast of England.

Network cabling, telecoms and connectivity

The foundation of your connectivity is the network cabling used to carry that connection to your devices. You need to ensure that every inch of your work environment is covered with the best, most reliable network. Our team are not only able to manage your existing network but also advise on and install new hardware that will provide unparalleled ethernet and wireless Internet strength and stability for your business. We will configure your devices to ensure they are receiving maximum output.

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Network hardware and wireless

Your network hardware plays a pivotal role in the smooth running of your computer network. Such hardware includes wireless access points, routers, and switches. The network cabling is also technically part of the hardware but for further information on this, please see our Network Cabling service.

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End user devices and peripehrals

The technology you and your clients use not only reflects your company standards but also plays a major role in security, data protection, ease of interaction, and optimisation of information capturing. Talk to us about our cutting-edge tech, and we will see what will yield the best results for your company.

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Security & Backup

Almost half of cyber-attacks are targeted at small businesses that do not have the resources or infrastructure to protect themselves. Don’t be one of those cybercrime victims. There are a whole range of ways to firstly help prevent attacks but also to mitigate any loss of data by ensuring regular and efficient backups are taken. Let us help put your sensitive data under lock-and-key and prevent unexpected data loss.

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Cloud and Microsoft 365

Switching to the cloud is becoming the norm for many businesses now as they realise the range of benefits it brings. These include cost savings, advanced security, cohesive file sharing as well as data loss protection. As a proud employer of Microsoft Certified individuals, we know our way around the Microsoft 365 Suite and cloud.

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Servers and virtualisation

Install your own servers to handle things like web hosting. Having your own servers means you have more control over your data and can expand your business's capabilities. Server virtualisation is helpful as well, as it allows you to use one server for multiple purposes. Chat with us about the possibilities.

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Users and people

Does your organisation need to manage multiple users and people within the same system? Our team will set up individual profiles for everyone and configure their account to suit the needs of the individual and the security of the system.

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Data migration

Data migration is a painstaking task that requires concentration and foresight to prevent corruption and complete data loss. Avoid the headache and potential information wipe by trusting a professional to do it for you. We migrate all types of data between systems in a seamless manner to prevent downtime for your employees and mitigate security concerns.

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Maintenance & Support

Conducting routine maintenance on your technology is essential. Without regular attention, your entire system could go down. That is why we cover everything from updates to check-ups, performance evaluations, and constant monitoring on both the customer and employee end to maintain computer continuity.

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Our responsive and knowledgeable team of IT professionals are ready to discuss a custom solution that works for you and your business. Pleasecontact us by calling directly on 020 8315 5820, sending an email to or by completing our enquiry form.


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