About D8A IT Services

Provider of bespoke and reliable IT solutions for your business

We are D8A (pronounced Data), an Information Technology (IT) company based in East Grinstead that focuses on streamlining the IT that is in place or needs to be installed in small to medium sized businesses across London and the southeast of England including Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire.

Each year the budget for IT and tech in small organisations is increasing. From computer installations to infrastructure upgrades, there is always a need to advance the technology. With such a growing need for enterprise-level IT support, we see a major problem in the industry.

Companies who promise the world and then offer cookie-cutter technology, trying to make it fit for the purpose of making a sale. That’s where we come in.

Our commitment and dedication to our customers is at the forefront of everything we do, and we pride ourselves
on providing a custom IT solution for every business we work with. We don’t stop there. We provide a complete solution, from initial consultation to purchasing, installation, pro-active maintenance, and ongoing reactive support.

Through it all, we uphold standards of fairness, transparency, knowledge, and professionalism that serve
as the foundation for everything we do.


Our IT services are ideal for essentially any small to medium sized business or organisation that works with computers. Let’s be honest, that’s almost all companies today.

We can come into your business at any stage in its life and transform your existing IT setup into one that works
for you and your needs. It is however the opportune time to use our services when relocating to a new premise as this allows us to embed our networking infrastructure from the get-go.

For further info on the range of service we provide, please head to the Services section. Alternatively, please contact us by calling directly on 020 8315 5820, sending an email to enquiries@d8a-it-services.co.uk or by completing our enquiry form. Our responsive and
knowledgeable team of IT professionals are ready to discuss a custom solution
that works for you and your business.