• Core Benefits of Microsoft Entra ID for Businesses

    In today's digital world, businesses juggle a complex web of applications and user accounts. Managing access control for all these resources can be a nightmare, leading to security vulnerabilities and frustrated employees. This is where Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) steps in as your knight in shining armour.
  • Core Benefits of Microsoft Intune for Businesses

    In an era where device proliferation and remote work are the new norms, businesses must adopt a modern approach to device management and security. By leveraging the power of Microsoft Intune, businesses can streamline device management, enhance security, and empower employees to work from anywhere, securely accessing corporate resources on any device. We cover the top benefits Intune brings to the table.

  • Standardised Email Signature System

    Technology now allows you to have a signature, personalised of course, to the end of each email that emanates from your company or organisation. Using appropriate software, we can determine the format, add the name, job title, phone number and ensure that all messages issued are on brand and look smart.
  • New Email Requirements for Google, Yahoo and Apple

    Google, Yahoo and Apple recently announced a joint effort to reduce the number of unwanted emails received by users. Beginning as soon as February 2024, they will start enforcing these new requirements on mail from high-volume senders (5,000+ emails per day).
  • Benefits of Cloud Desktops

    A cloud desktop, also known as a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or a cloud-based desktop, is a type of computing environment that allows you to access the computer desktop and applications from any device with an Internet connection.

    Instead of storing data and software locally on a physical computer, a cloud desktop uses remote servers to store all the necessary data and applications. Cloud desktops offer a multitude of benefits for businesses of all sizes. We’ve put together a list of the most salient.

  • Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

    A cloud phone system, also known as a cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange), is a type of phone system that is hosted and managed by a third-party provider over the internet. Unlike traditional on-premises PBX systems, cloud phone systems do not require any hardware or software to be installed on your premises. Instead, you simply connect your existing devices, such as IP phones, smartphones, and computers, to the cloud-based service.

    There are many providers out there today for these cloud systems, but one leading the way, and we have great experience with here at D8A IT Services, is Microsoft Teams.

  • The Benefits of Tagging Computer Equipment

    Computer equipment is an essential part of the operation of any business. That is why it is important to take steps to protect your investment. One of the best ways to do so is to tag your computer equipment. This has a number of benefits.
  • How The Cloud Boosts IT Security

    The cloud has revolutionised the way companies approach IT security. It is no longer just down to taking physical backups on a USB stick or ensuring users change their password every few months. With the rise of cloud computing, businesses can now take advantage of security benefits that were previously unavailable.
  • Top 12 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

    If you are reading this blog post, there is every reason to believe you know your way around a keyboard and mouse. We often spend a lot of our time, carrying out repetitive tasks that can be made slightly more bearable with keyboard shortcuts.

  • D8A IT Audit

    When was the last time your IT systems and setup were given a thorough health check? Aspects such as security, storage, speed, etc should all be monitored on a regular basis.

    Like vehicles and other equipment, computer systems are essential to the running of your business or organisation.
  • Meet Jason Jackson

    So many IT companies promise the world and then offer cookie-cutter technology, trying to make it fit for the purpose of making a sale. That’s where we differ. The high-quality support provided by D8A is down to years of experience and effective management by the owner and director Jason Jackson. Get to know Jason a little better with our below Q&A.
  • Overview of Services

    D8A IT Services are providers of enterprise-level IT support for small to medium sizes business in London and the southeast of England.  We are different to your typical technology providers who implement generic solutions. We pride ourselves on our custom-match solutions that are carefully catered to your business requirements