Welcome to D8A as an end user!

Before contacting support

If you are experiencing an issue, please ensure that you restart the appropriate device before contacting support.

So, for example, if your computer is having a problem, restart the computer, if the Internet is having a problem, restart the router and if you use cloud desktop services and are having issue, sign out and sign back in.

To sign out click Start, click the little person icon and/or your name and click sign out.

If the issue persists, please submit an incident.

If you think that there is an issue affecting multiple users, then please report this to your on-site contact and they will submit one incident for the entire organisation.  Please do not submit an incident separately as this will only slow down the response.

Support tags

All managed devices that have been on-boarded by D8A IT Services will have a Support Tag attached.  That is six numbers preceded with the letters AP printed on a red sticker attached to the device.

We use this number in all of our documentation so it can be useful to let us know this number when talking about a specific device.


Submitting an incident

You can submit an incident to us in a couple of ways:

  • Email helpdesk@businessnetworks.co.uk
  • Call 020 8315 5820 (not preferred)

Please do not report incidents to engineers working on-site.

Email helpdesk@businessnetworks.co.uk

You can send an email to helpdesk@businessnetworks.co.uk.

Please do not email any other email addresses for support as they will not receive any priority and may be missed entirely.

If you have an existing case and want to add something regarding that case, then please simply reply to an email about that case without changing the subject line (particularly the case number e.g. #12,345) and your response will be automatically added to that case and the assigned person will be notified.

Please send a separate email about each incident.

Call 020 8315 5820

This is not the preferred method as calls to this number are directed to engineers on-site and signals can be poor and/or engineers can be attending to other support calls, driving etc..  If it should be necessary to talk to you then if you submit an incident using one of the preferred methods (above), we will of course call you back.

If you do choose to call to submit your incident, then please have your Support Tag to hand. 

Providing urgent support

If it is established that support is required urgently then we will attend in the most appropriate manner in the quickest time possible.  That could be calling, connecting to an unattended or attended device via TeamViewer or an on-site visit.

Providing non-urgent support

If non-urgent support is required, we will send an email with available time slots for the appropriate amount of time from which you can pick a slot that suits you.  This could be for an on-site visit, phone call, TeamViewer session or Teams meeting.

Remote support 

If we should need to provide remote support, then as long as we have your support tag, we should be able to connect using our TeamViewer host. 

If you are working at the computer at the time that we connect, then we will notify you that we want to start work and may ask you to save and close your work.  If we do not receive a response within two minutes, then we may disconnect and send you a request to book an appointment.

Password resets

If a password reset is required for a Windows user account, a Microsoft 365 account or some other service that we support and SSPR (self-service password reset) is not enabled then we will send a notification to your on-site contact for them to establish that this is a legitimate request.  If they confirm that it is a legitimate request, they will enter a password for us to use for the reset in a secure form (link provided in the email to the on-site contact).  We will reset the password and notify the on-site contact.

We do not reset passwords in any other way for security reasons.  The on-site contact is best placed to establish that the request is legitimate as they are likely to know the users personally and will be able to contact them via secure means such as Whatsapp or phone call.

Purchasing and chargeable work

If work should be chargeable or equipment, software or parts should require purchasing then we will only accept a request from your on-site contact.  Please ask your on-site contact to submit requests to purchase anything IT related.