Meet Jason Jackson

Meet Jason Jackson

Jason Jackson - Director at D8A IT Services

D8A IT Services are providers of enterprise-level IT support for small to medium sizes business in London and the southeast of England. So many IT companies promise the world and then offer cookie-cutter technology, trying to make it fit for the purpose of making a sale. That’s where we differ. The high-quality support provided by D8A is down to years of experience and effective management by the owner and director Jason Jackson. Get to know Jason a little better with our below Q&A.


What is your role at D8A?

“I am the sole director of D8A IT Services. I decide which products and services it is that we provide, I create the systems that run the business (from booking meetings through to the installation and support of our most advanced products and services), I provide technical consultation based on the requirements of our customers, I get involved in installations from running and terminating network cables to installation and setup of servers and cloud services, I assist with providing 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line support including setting up user accounts and telling people to restart their computer!”


What led you to your current role?

“I used to work for a kitchen company many years ago where I would take the hand drawn plans and convert them into Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings so that the clients could see their proposed kitchen as a photo realistic perspective.

They had various companies support them with their IT while I worked there, and the result was not good. Computers were always crashing, data was difficult to find, people could not roam between computers and I once watched one engineer wait for four or five minutes for the computer to start before I thought I ought to tell him that he had pressed the manufacturer logo on the computer rather than the power button! That company, 20 years ago, was charging twice what we charge today so those four minutes were pretty costly.

I thought that I could do better, so I built my own lab at home with a couple of computers, a self-built server, switches and routers and experimented with different Operating Systems and configurations until I eventually had enough experience to take my Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exams in Windows 2000, Windows Server 2000, Active Directory Design and Implementation and a couple of others that I don’t recall now.”


What are your areas of expertise?

“I have a broad knowledge of IT infrastructure, ranging from network cabling to servers and cloud infrastructure. I know how to put together multiple products in a way that works effectively for business. Not just gimmicky technology.

I have an extensive knowledge of routers, firewalls, switches, wireless technology, mobile device management, Windows Operating Systems, Windows Server Operating Systems, Microsoft 365 (including Azure AD, now Entra ID), network cabling, backup solutions, antivirus etc.”


What are your ambitions?

“I would like to reopen a Toy Store (Humpty Dumpty) that was in my hometown.  It was a small store that had character and brought a sense of community.  I’d love to create it with a similar layout to as it was but with modern tweaks.  In fact, I have an online store (not presently trading)


Toy Stand

It’s presently set up for Christmas but I’m not running it at the moment so if you’re reading this in July then that will explain why it’s covered in snow!


What is your favourite film?

“One that you’d expect of an IT geek it the Matrix but less obviously Shaw Shank Redemption and which blokes don’t like Bond movies!”


Jason is a part of a team of professionals ready to deliver custom IT solutions for your business. Looking for some support? Please contact us by calling directly on 020 8315 5820, sending an email to or by completing our enquiry form. You can also book a time slot for an online video call to discuss any requirements.