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Internet Connections

Providing access to the internet for your business

The internet has revolutionised the way businesses operate, and it has become an essential tool for companies of all sizes. It is now deemed odd for a business to not have an online presence in some capacity.

There are a range of benefits that having access to the internet provides to the running of a business including: the wider reach of customers, access to resources and information, collaboration and communication with other staff, etc.

We can recommend Internet connections to suit any requirement including high bandwidth connections with connections up to 1Gbs (1000Mbps) download and upload. Ample enough to send that email with fifteen attachments.


The individual services we cover:

• Installation/setup of a new internet connection
• Supply for new internet connection
• Removal of an existing internet connection
• Installation of routing equipment
• Supply of routing equipment
• Removal of existing routing equipment


    Standard Internet connections (ADSL, VDSL, fibre to the cabinet and fibre to the premises etc.) generally provide a higher upload speed than download speed and are often shared with other users once your connection reaches the exchange and/or cabinet. 

    Leased lines offer much higher bandwidth that is not shared with any other users right up to the point it reaches the Internet core. Leased lines are also symmetric meaning that they have the same download and upload speed.  This is ideal if you are sending large files, connecting two or more sites or if you have users connecting from outside of the office. Please contact us if this sounds like an ideal solution for your business.

    In addition to the internet connection, we can also remove, supply and install/setup routing equipment. Typically, routers are used to connect your network to the Internet but can be used in other instances, such as separating large networks into smaller networks. We use good quality routers and firewalls to ensure maximum reliability, security, and performance.  We configure firewalls with a policy of least privilege required, so only open up what is absolutely necessary for the task at hand. 

    Where necessary we can configure site to site VPNs (virtual private networks) to connect users and other network securely into your office.


    We are committed to providing a solution that is tailored to the operations of your business. It is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to our solutions. Our open-ended and custom direction is fully adaptable and can scale in-line as your company grows.

    Our responsive and knowledgeable team of IT professionals are ready to discuss an internet solution that works for you and your business. Please contact us by calling directly on 020 8315 5820, sending an email to or by completing our enquiry form.

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