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Network Hardware

Managing your businesses network hardware and equipment

 Network hardware refers to the physical devices that are used to create, maintain, and manage computer networks. This includes devices such as routers, switches, hubs, modems, network interface cards (NICs), firewalls, and various types of cables that connect these devices together. 

We have years of experience in supplying and installing various types of network hardware and provide a range of individual services to cater to the individual needs of your business.


The individual services we cover:

• Installation of network cabinets
• Installation of trunking and conduit systems
• Installation and setup of routers
• Installation and setup of switches
• Installation and setup of wireless equipment


    Network cabinets provide a safe a neat way to mount compatible network equipment such as patch panels and rack mountable switches, routers, and servers. These can be supplied in various heights, and depths.  Certain equipment such as PoE (power over ethernet) switches tend to be deeper and so will require a deeper cabinet.  Our consultants know exactly the cabinet to recommend fitting your equipment and to make the neatest and if required, quietest, installation.

    We can supply and install three compartment trunking to allow power cables and network cables to be installed within the same trunking while separating the two types of cabling to ensure that cross talk is reduced to keep network traffic from being disrupted.  The larger three compartment trunking also allows the installation of faceplates directly into the trunking to keep things tidy and is also scalable as allows for additional sockets to be easily added later. Ideal for expanding your network infrastructure.

    We always use components that are of high quality and proven to be reliable, such as those that are manufactured by Univolt.

    Every installation carried out by D8A is fully tested.




    We are committed to providing a solution that is tailored to the operations of your business. It is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to our solutions. Our open-ended and custom direction is fully adaptable and can scale in-line as your company grows.

    Our responsive and knowledgeable team of IT professionals are ready to discuss the network hardware that works for you and your business. Please contact us by calling directly on 020 8315 5820, sending an email to or by completing our enquiry form.


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