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Cloud Desktops

Reach for the sky with a computer environment that is supported by the cloud

A cloud desktop, also known as a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or a cloud-based desktop, is a type of computing environment that allows you to access the computer desktop and applications from any device with an internet connection.

Instead of storing data and software locally on a physical computer, a cloud desktop uses remote servers to store all the necessary data and applications. You can access the cloud desktop through a web browser or a specialised app, and everything you do on the virtual desktop is saved and synchronised automatically in the cloud.

Cloud desktops are often used in business environments to allow employees to work remotely and access company data and applications from anywhere. We often install and setup cloud-based systems so that users have the flexibility and convenience of accessing their desktop and applications from multiple devices without having to transfer files or software manually.


The individual services we cover:

• Supply and setup Microsoft Remote Desktop
• Supply and setup Citrix Remote Desktops


    We can provide Microsoft Remote Desktop Services or Citrix Remote Desktops – whichever you prefer.

    A huge side benefit that is often overlooked with cloud computing, is that the local physical computer hardware does not need to be so powerful as applications are run in the server online instead of natively. You can have all the power of server infrastructure so that you can leverage services for which you would normally need your own server hardware, services such as: 

    • Virtualisation
    • DHCP
    • DNS
    • Active Directory
    • File servers
    • AD Connect
    • SQL (database)
    • Exchange (Email)

    When in the cloud you do not need to worry about keeping server hardware and operating systems up to date, nor need to think about backing up data, fault tolerance, or security. 

    As experienced cloud desktop installers, we are fully proficient in the installation of cloud desktops for business that are just starting out or for established companies that already have plenty of data spread across existing servers and local computers and storage. Either way, we can assimilate and migrate your data to the cloud seamlessly and continue to safeguard that data. Please see our backup and recovery service for more information in that regard.



    We are committed to providing a solution that is tailored to the operations of your business. It is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to our solutions. Our open-ended and custom direction is fully adaptable and can scale in-line as your company grows.

    Our responsive and knowledgeable team of IT professionals are ready to discuss a cloud desktop solution that works for you and your business. Please contact us by calling directly on 020 8315 5820, sending an email to or by completing our enquiry form.


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