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Reactive IT Support

Not all IT issues can be prevented, but we are on hand and ready to reactively assist you no matter the size of the job at hand

IT systems are now the backbone of most business operations, especially since the introduction of remote and hybrid working. We work with a range of businesses varying in size and industry and there is one thing in common with all of them: unexpected IT issues.

These support queries can range from hardware or software issues for an individual, to full network connectivity issues or loss of critical data. No matter the size of the query, our friendly and reactive IT support professionals are ready to assist.

Our IT help desk teams are highly adaptable and are proficient in the systems and software we provide. For any issues or bugs that are not immediately known by the team, we will research and liaise with the relevant persons to reach a working solution.

To help ensure unexpected IT issues are kept to a minimum for the success of your business, we always recommend enrolling on one of our proactive maintenance plans. There will always be issues that fall outside of that plan as well as individual nuances and requirements from individuals where they just need that extra bit of support, but we are always happy to help.

To submit a support ticket and get in touch with our talented team, please head to our Service Portal.


We are committed to providing a solution that is tailored to the operations of your business. It is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to our solutions. Our open-ended and custom direction is fully adaptable and can scale in-line as your company grows. 

Looking for reactive IT support? Our IT service desk team are ready to assist. Please contact us by calling directly on 020 8315 5820, sending an email to or by completing our enquiry form.


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